Calendar 2010 12 wonderful pictures of Bryn, a different one for each month, taken at his performances of The Flying Dutchman and Tosca ROH Covent Garden 2009. Bi lingual Welsh/English. Each day of the month has space for appointments. The Calendars are only available from the Terfeliaid web site. Ł20.00 ech including postage and packing, please email marilyn @ terfeliaid or contact phone number 07834 604437.
Falstaff (Ref: PR02)

"Falstaff" is a GiclČe Print of an original drawing in pastels from a photograph of Bryn as Falstaff at the Lyric Opera of Chicago by artist Colin Bithell. Bryn will be given the original drawing from the Terfeliaid members for his 40th birthday in November2005. Photograph by kind permission of Deutsche Grammophon and Sheila Rock
A GiclČe Print is a piece of artwork produced by using a high quality digital inkjet printer. The inks used are specially formulated and the paper is specially prepared to fine art standards and acid free to ensure longevity. The paper manufacturer is confident that the light stability of the inks used will exceed 75 years. The latest test results indicate life expectancy of up to 200 years fro some GiclČe Prints.